Japanese cuisine is world

Do not create a menu that supports multiple languages​​?
Let's pick up a great Japanese food people coming from abroad!

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What can you?

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It introduces a menu of pride

Menu of your shop will likely caught the eye of the audience who came near the shop. It is a chance to appeal the cuisine of your shop.

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Multilingual menu

Taking people overseas, ask the cuisine It is a hard time. By tagging easily what food is being used in the cooking, image of cooking to order by taking people overseas are more likely to side.

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Online menu

You can create a menu site of your shop easily on the web. Let's registration with the mouth-watering photos.

How does it go?

Registration is 3 easy steps.

1. User registration

First, what you see, your name and e-mail address. Registration is required for registration of shops.


2. Registration of the shop

I will register the name and address of the shop next.


3. Menu creation

Finally, let's create a menu in accordance with the instructions on the screen to create a menu

Now, let's start!
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